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Aaron Rand Freeman

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  1. De August 21, 2014 at 4:37 am

    Do U think We as Black Folks should be Raising Funds for Causes such as these Vicious Murders that Occur all too often in our Communities? We Can Change our Own Situation, Build Our Community, Hire Our Own People, and pay for these types of Tragedies with pride & dignity. It takes as little as $1, 50 cent or whatever to start Raising Money for Black Causes & the Future of Our Kids. How many more Precious Black Lives (People) must be lost B 4 we realize we Need 2 B Raising Money on a Monthly basis and then Teach Our Children 2 do the same Going Forward. Wake Up U Mighty Black People!! All Our Answers Lye Within Us.

    Thanks 4 the Forum & 4 Reading my Post

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