Knowledge and experience are the key success factors in wagering. Knowing where it is better to bet on sports is the practical part. But theory is of the same importance. Every novice player should understand that a good knowledge of a particular sport increases his chances of winning. Most beginners start playing popular sports – football, basketball, hockey. But knowing the statistics of the Champions League or Stanley Cup is one thing, and being able to conduct a qualitative analysis is quite another.

Sport is unpredictable, and even the most obvious favorite can stumble in a single match, while a deliberate outsider can surprise you. A prime example is the sensational victory of the Denver Nuggets in the NBA semifinal series from the Western Conference. The Nuggets were down 1-3 in the series and were underdogs against the Los Angeles Clippers. But having won three matches in a row, they managed to recoup and knock the favorite out of the playoffs.

What benefits brings you betting understanding?

The bettor’s goal is to be able to predict the likelihood of such sensations. This will reduce the risks when placing stakes, as well as help you find profitable and undervalued stakes. To be successful in the game against the bookmaker, do not limit yourself to studying statistics: try to get and apply as much information as possible that can be useful in predicting the outcome of matches.

As for the types of stakes, it is advisable for beginners to make single ones at first. And wager on the most popular markets – the main outcomes, totals or handicaps. If a demo account is provided on the bookmaker’s website, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. This way you will be able to gain some initial experience in making bets, and also avoid a quick loss of the bank: after all, on a demo account, stakes are not made for real money.

After some time – when you “get your hand” and learn not to go into a deep minus on odinars, you can move on to more complex types of bets – express ones. We warn you right away: the probability of losing a bet by two, three or more outcomes is significantly higher than that of a single bet. In addition, in express bets, the margin of all included outcomes is summed up, which makes such a bet the most profitable for the bookmaker, but not for the bettor.

Betting fraud schemes

cricket betting with ParimatchWondering if sports gambling is cheating or not, beginners take the first step towards money security.

The key to success in wagering is to make the right choice of winning or losing sport team. In order not to rely on fate, players make predictions of upcoming sporting events. Cappers are people who make money on stakes professionally and share their assumptions publicly.

Good forecasters, they are respected among the players. They write forecasts and publish them on reputable resources.

Unscrupulous cappers offer inexperienced players to promote their account for a percentage of the promotion or a one-time fee. A beginner is obliged to provide the keys to enter his personal account. Fraudsters promise to multiply the bank of the account several times. They write: “I will throw off the money from the rates,” so the victim’s sense of self-preservation is dulled.

Knowing the password for the account in the bookmaker’s office, it is difficult to withdraw other people’s funds. The main goal of the rogue forecaster is to get paid for his services. The player provides a password, and the pseudo-capper plays for money from this account (not always lucky).

Is real account promotion possible?

Is it realistic to win on sport stakes? Account promotion is real if you approach this process wisely. No reputable forecaster claims analytics is 100% correct. Blindly follow his advice – to lose and win with him. To start predicting sports events on your own, you need to understand the details of sports, and not rely on other people’s words. Personal gambling account management can only guarantee the result with a reasonable approach.

Bookmakers do not promote accounts and do not welcome this practice. A legal office must specify in the rules a prohibition on transferring an account to third parties. If a violation is detected, the organization blocks the account, along with the money. The user can file a complaint and restore the account if he proves the legality of the actions.

The betting game involves the deposit and withdrawal of funds. The work of legal bookmakers is regulated by law, so the company has the right to demand the player’s personal data. Verification – checking the authenticity of a player’s documents. It solves several problems of bookmakers:

  • System protection from fraudsters.
  • Allows you to make sure the player is of legal age.
  • Provides the ability to make transactions with the account.

Verification is a convenient practice for admitting to work with money transactions through the site. Legal offices ensure the security of their clients’ personal data.

What is the best bet to win at the bookmaker’s office?

There are no win-win stakes, as well as easily predictable sports or ideal strategies. If you are just starting your way in betting, adhere to the following recommendations:

Do not wager on sports you are not familiar with just because of the favorable odds. Don’t bet on events with teams or sport athletes you don’t know. Avoid gambling on games in lower leagues or amateur tournaments, where match-fixing is still a problem. Choose sports and tournaments well known to you for bets. Make simple single bets on the outcomes of the main line.