Sale of fixed matches. A contractual match is a game, the result of which is known in advance. In slang, a negotiated match is called “dog”. Corruption in sports and match-fixing kill sports interest.

Real match purchases are classified information worth millions of dollars. The results of the investigation of fake matches in bookmakers are publicly covered. In 2006, the Italian Calciopolli took place when Juventus, Milan, Lazio, Fiorentina and Regina were involved in the fraud.

Scam. Information about a fixed match in 100% of cases is a scam. On the Internet, you can find a lot of suggestions about dogs: on forums, in thematic groups on social networks and telegram. Without exception, all offers of Great Danes are the work of scammers.

Fake reviews, checks and screenshots of bets on matches. Scammers have a wealth of evidence of their success in their arsenal. Fraudsters take pictures of huge sums of money earned, show screenshots of bets and match outcomes, scan receipts with statements of funds and assure that this is true. The numbers are faked in Photoshop. They mount screenshots of reviews and statistics, and pay other people to write reviews or videos. Such fraudulent actions bring huge losses to the unexperienced players.

Selling training courses on sports betting. Another scheme of additional income for handicappers is training courses. There are many free tips on the Internet on how to learn how to bet on sports, including on our website. In essence, they do not differ from paid advice, so there is no point in contacting the author and overpaying. But by paying for training with a real capper, you can get his personal assessments and examples.

Pool for buying predictions or contracting a match. The idea of ​​buying a forecast by teaming up is viable. A high-quality forecast is expensive for a single player. It turns out to be much cheaper to build up with others. Ideally, players will receive a prediction after the funds are pooled. Cappers are against this, because they are losing revenue. Fraudsters offer a group of people to add up to buy a forecast and disappears.

How to make money on bets without knowing how to bet?

To train your skills, we advise you to write down the entire history of your bets, it needs to be analyzed in order to identify errors and successful decisions.

Players share the following ways to boost their account:

  • Track quotes on trusted bookmaker sites.
  • Study information materials on each sport area and the best forecasting strategies.
  • Apply a variety of proven schemes, such as snowballing.

Luck is enough to win. Special knowledge is required to be successful in betting.