Fixed games. Unfortunately, the problem of “agreements” has not gone anywhere from modern football. In top championships, it is encountered much less often than 10-20 years ago. But the lower leagues remain fertile soil for the enrichment of dishonest businessmen and bookmakers. Therefore, try to avoid betting on unpopular championships and substandard divisions. The risk of running into a contractual game is very high, and it is quite difficult to make a high-quality forecast.

Bonus programs. Almost all newcomers fall for the tempting offers of bookmakers, in which they promise to increase the deposit by 100% and give free bets (free bets). There is no cheating here: the bookmaker really awards welcome bonuses to new customers. But the rules are usually written in small print or even transferred to other pages of the site.

You can withdraw the received bonus in the form of real money only after several actions. For example, a player must wager five, ten, or even twenty times the amount of the deposit. In this case, bets are allowed with a coefficient not lower than that stipulated by the rules. For beginners, such wagering requirements are impracticable. And in attempts to win back the bonus, they safely lose their entire deposit and bring profits to bookmakers.

“Catch up” of lost bets. The desire to recoup at any cost always plays a cruel joke with the bettors. And the strategy of “catching up” in inept hands only contributes to the rapid loss of the bankroll. The essence of the approach is to increase the amount of the bet at least twice after each loss in order to cover the money spent. But in order to successfully catch up, you need to place bets with high enough odds. 

Paid strategies and account promotion. Beginning bookmaker clients want to move from theory to practice as quickly as possible, and preferably immediately to solid winnings. Such impatient ones are taken under their caring wing by cappers who offer to buy a win-win strategy from them at a reasonable price. You should not react to such offers: you will not be sold anything worthwhile, and in the best case, you will lose one deposit, and in the worst – an impressive amount of money. At a distance, this approach is always doomed to failure.

What do you need to achieve success?

To become a successful player, move from simple to complex, gain experience, analyze your mistakes and successes, and listen to the strategic advice of experts. If you take into account all our recommendations, you will be more confident in your gambling strategy.