The bookmaker employs analysts who predict the outcomes of matches. They study many factors: players, their mood, injuries, fans, team preparation, media influence. And most importantly, they predict how many percent of customers will bet on the first team, the second or a draw. Coefficients are set on the basis of the received data.

The only one who makes money on stakes under any circumstances is the bookmaker. A margin is set for each coefficient. This is the percentage that is brought in profit. The most popular example is on a coin. If you flip a coin, then the probability of getting heads and tails is 50%. The coin will fall either one side or the other. Two players bet $ 100 each on opposite outcomes. Having guessed the result, one doubles the pot, and the other loses everything. This is what a dispute without margin looks like. But the bookmaker, given such chances, will not allow the players to bet on the event with the odds of 2, instead, both will receive approximately 1.85. Thus, the loser pays $ 85 to the winner and $ 15 to the bookmaker.

What is the most popular fraud among bookmakers?

One of the dirty tricks of an unscrupulous gamester is a bet without the knowledge of the player. Since gamesters can cheat on live stakes, take screenshots of each stake. The bookmaker has full access to accounts, so they can perform any actions inside their personal page. While reliable gamesters value the privacy of their customers, scammers can take advantage of the player’s absence online and place a stake for him. It is impossible to prove your case in this case.

How to protect yourself from dishonest bookmakers?

There are several basic safety rules for working with bookmakers:

  • Checking the bookmaker’s reputation.
  • Legality of work.
  • Choosing a strong password to enter the site. This complicates account theft by other gamester clients.
  • Verification.

How much do experienced players earn?

Professional gamblers in our age do not withdraw all the funds they win, but make the money work. Earnings are a small percentage of the account. The rest of the amount is sent to multiply the bank in the form of rates. The amount of money depends on the starting capital and playing style. To visually estimate the numbers, look at the statistics of our forecasters. Earning schemes require a thorough approach, both when betting on football and mortal kombat. You won’t be able to earn a big jackpot on bets right away, only a careful and slow way of promoting your account will be correct.